Coach Survey – Have you been unable to get on a Coaching Course?

Where are you on your coaching journey? Has coaching always been your destiny or did you once raise your hand at your child’s under 6 game when asked if anyone will help out but now find yourself Chair of the whole club? Is coaching your full-time career or your passion and hobby? Have you sailed through your coaching badges or have you found some of it harder than you imagined? Are you in your dream coaching job or can’t you get the job because you haven’t got the qualification? Maybe you can’t get the qualification because you haven’t got the job? Whatever your answers to these questions, we want to hear from you.

Last week I started doing some research around the accessibility of coaching courses. I reached out on Twitter to ask my fellow coaches for some help. To say I was blown away when less than a day later over 200 coaches had engaged with my tweet to say they had been unable to get on courses, is an understatement. I knew that many of us have had difficulties getting on courses recently, in no short part due to Covid-19, but what I hadn’t expected was the outpouring of frustration and emotion from coaches who for years, have been unable to attend the courses they desire. 

Why the research?

As a Coach Educator I am fascinated by the coaching journeys of others. I am a mad Biography enthusiast and I love hearing from every day coaches that are helping out their local teams. I get inspired as much by those coaches who coach their local village team as I do by Champions League winners. I want to know more about their motivations, how their coaching journeys started and where they want to go next. And, I want to help them as much as I can.

What I hadn’t expected though was so many coaches reaching out to me in the comments and in my Direct Messages to say that they can’t get on courses despite trying everything they can think of. I have had coaches tell me they have applied 7 years in a row for the same course. Rejected each time. Another coach has said they have applied with multiple National Associations, including Associations of countries they have never even visited. I didn’t ask if they could speak the language. And speaking of languages, yet another coach told me they had started learning a new language through Audiobooks and had then moved their whole family abroad just because they wanted so badly to get their coaching badges and then be able to get their dream job.

So now I wish to understand more about all coaches and in particular, I want to hear from any coach that has been unable to get on to a course for any reason. I want to try and establish how big this problem is, then maybe, we can all work together to find a solution. And to say thank you…

Free Session Plan of your Choice

Every coach who completes the survey will be sent a Pro Session Plan of their choice. You can choose from any session plan that is only available on the Pro Member’s Area of The plans below are just some of the sessions that you can choose from.

4 thoughts on “Coach Survey – Have you been unable to get on a Coaching Course?”

  1. Hii coach it’s me Coach Lloyd 🏆 I would like to join and learn as much as I can because in my country it’s slow to get coaching course…it’s always full or late😣🤞

    1. Hi Coach Lloyd. Great to hear from you. You can sign up as a Member any time but if you have any specific queries please contact us. It’s great to have you on board.

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